Face Beauty Rank – Evaluate Your Facial Beauty

Beauty is very important for every person on this planet. We all like to look good. When you are beautiful, especially if you have a really nice face, you are always complimented and that gives you a lot of self-confidence. In every group there are people who look very good and people who don’t. That’s … Continue reading “Face Beauty Rank – Evaluate Your Facial Beauty”

Beauty is very important for every person on this planet. We all like to look good. When you are beautiful, especially if you have a really nice face, you are always complimented and that gives you a lot of self-confidence.

In every group there are people who look very good and people who don’t. That’s not a reason for making differences. Anyone has a different way of beauty. While some have a beautiful face, others might have a nice personality or a really good heart.

Everybody likes hanging out with their friends. We often play games or make everything possible to have a good time. If you are out of ideas, or always looking for new ways of having fun, I have a nice suggestion for you. This program, that I’m recommending, is called Face Beauty Rank. It’s actually telling you how beautiful your face is in a certain picture.

When I found out about this program, the first question that came into my mind, was how a computer can decide on someone’s beauty? Even though it might seem strange, this software makes it possible. Face Beauty Rank is based on an ancient Greek theory. Pythagoras, one of the most famous Greek philosophers, was the first that tried to express the human beauty in numbers. The theory of beauty ranking relies on theory of proportions and the golden section. This way, the face is measured to see if it’s proportional. The elements of the face must also combine in harmony to achieve a nice look.

With this application you can evaluate the beauty of people. Imagine how fun must be to match people on how they look. Another great feature, that Face Beauty Rank has, is to compare someone’s photo with a celebrity. The results can be amazing. You can also compare your beauty with your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s. If you are in the positions of choosing between two people and you want to choose the most beautiful you can always compare their faces.

The developer has a really nice suggestion on when we can use this program. For example if you want to upload some pictures on a private profile, Face Beauty Rank can help you decide which is the best from all your photos. Using it you can be assured that your profile picture will look great.

If you think about it Face Beauty Rank can be considered an objective opinion on how people look. You don’t have to be upset if the result isn’t like you’ve wanted. Nobody’s perfect; not even software.

Face Beauty Tips: How to Apply Eye Shadow

Every woman would admit that they are pretty conscious with their face. They buy a lot of beauty products just to make sure they look their best every day. If you check on their makeup kit, one item you will find is an elaborate pallet of eye shadow colours.

How do you apply eye shadow? It is overwhelming to see different colours and surely you would want to experiment on these until you’ll come up with a beautiful eye shadow makeup. But to naturally enhance the look of your eyes, know the basics of eye shadow application.

The 2 Rules

  • Apply darker colour at the outer corners of your eyes and make sure that the eyeball is naturally darker towards the outside.
  • For natural gradation, blur the border between the neighbouring skin and the eye shadow.

The Colour Set

Your eye shadow set is typically divided into 3 sets of colour: light, intermediate and dark. When applying, follow this guide:

  1. Apply light colour on your whole eyelid to brighten up the eyes. Use a thick brush or tip to do this.
  2. Blend in intermediate colours. Start from the outer corner going inwards. Make sure to apply more at the outermost corner of your eyes. A light dab will do for the inner corners.
  3. Dark colours should be applied along your upper and lower lash lines.

Practice makes eye shadow application perfect. Master the basic rules and keep in mind the colour set.

While makeup is fun, you must also consider your skin. When the day is done, don’t be lazy to clean your face. To protect your skin, practice the basic face regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize.


This is the core of every skin care routine. Proper cleansing should start by removing makeup first then washing your face. Ideally, you should wash your face twice daily, in the morning and before going to bed. If your face is dry however, you can skip morning wash and use water or moisturizer for cleaning.


This step keeps your skin radiant, smooth, and healthy. Daily exfoliation allows your skin to receive the moisturizer you will apply. Make this a regular once daily part of your skincare regimen.


This is necessary if your skin is oily and you feel like there is still dirt left behind after cleansing and exfoliating. Refrain from using alcohol-based toners as this will strip away all the oil in your skin and leave it dry.


A good moisturizer will seal in moisture and prevent dryness of your skin. If you have oily skin, use lighter products. It is wise to consult your dermatologist if you have acne.

Face Beauty Tips: How To Deal With Wrinkles

There are plenty of facial problems that you might encounter as you get old. One of these is having wrinkles. Although this is normal as you age, know that there are tips and ways on how you can reduce it.

Efficient Ways For Reducing Wrinkles

Sleep on your back – Sleeping in different positions night after night can lead to “sleep lines”. These can be etched into your skin layers. Also, they do not fade once you are up. Sleeping face down can give you furrowed brow while sleeping on your sides can lead to wrinkles on chin and cheeks.

Do not squint – Making similar expressions like squinting over and over will overwork facial muscles. In turn, this might form a groove beneath the surface of your skin. As much as possible, you must keep your eyes wide. Always wear your reading glasses when you need them. Also, consider getting savvy sunglasses as this can protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage. This can also prevent you from squinting.

Eat more fish – Salmon is indeed a great source of protein which is the building blocks of great skin. Also, this can be your source of omega-3 fatty acids. Most experts claim that essential fatty acids will help nourish skin and keep it youthful.

Do not over-wash your face – Tap water can actually strip skin moisture along with the natural oils that can make your skin healthy. If you wash your face too often, you are washing away its protection. It would be a wise idea for you to use a cream or gel facial cleanser.

Use soy – This may boost your skin appearance. In fact, it may even protect it. There are certain studies suggesting that soy application or taking it as a supplement can help protect against sun damage. Also, it has been shown to enhance the firmness and structure of skin.

Wear vitamin C – There are some studies which showed that creams with vitamin C can increase the production of collagen, help lessen dark spots, reduce redness, and protect against damage from UVB and UVA rays.

Drink cocoa – Researches have discovered that cocoa with high levels of 2 antioxidants protected skin from sun damage. Also, it improved blood circulation, made the skin feel smoother and look younger, and helped hydration.